NOBULL Return & Exchange Policy

  • TRIAL PERIOD: I understand that, after I have paid for these devices, I have a 45-day trial period that begins on the day they are delivered to me and fitted by my local professional. My trial only begins after I receive the products, NOT when I pay. And during my trial period, although not likely, if I hate the things, I can return these products for a full refund, as long as I return them before the 45th day (or nearest business day) after I accept delivery, but I must return them to my local provider, NOT directly to NoBull Hearing. My local provider will be the one responsible for documenting my return and informing NoBull Hearing. And NoBull Hearing will then return my money within 30 days after being notified of my return.
  • RETURNS OR EXCHANGES: I understand that, during my trial period, I can either return my hearing aids for a full refund OR exchange my hearing aids for different models, either upgrade or downgrade. For exchanges, I will either be charged the difference (if upgrade) or be refunded the difference (if downgrade) between the model I originally purchased and the model I want to exchange it for.
  • CANCELLATIONS: I understand that, if I get buyer’s remorse or similar, I have the right to totally cancel my purchase at any time between paying for the product and delivery, and I will receive a full refund. Cancellation requests must be made BEFORE DELIVERY. After accepting delivery, my trial period begins.
  • WARRANTY AND LOSS COVERAGE: I also have been informed by NoBull Hearing about the warranty on my product and any loss coverage policies; and I understand that my local service provider and the manufacturer of my devices are the ones who will be managing any and all services related to warranties or loss replacement, and NOT NoBull Hearing, LLC.
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