How it works

How our “Skip the Pitch” process works:


We’ll walk you through…
  • Selecting the right product
  • Customizing your order with sizing, colors, etc

2. Pick Up at a Clinic Near You

  • We’ll put in your order directly with the manufacturer
  • The manufacturer send your hearing aids directly to one of our network clinics nearest you

3. Local Service

  • Your local clinic will be the one taking care of you whenever you need service
  • Your purchase includes initial fitting, followup and service appointments
  • If you need more appointments later, you pay your local expert a small service fee
  • You’ll also have access to our advice, tips and hacks for your hearing aids

Skip the pitch.

Buying hearing aids in a clinic can be expensive, plus you often have to sit through a sales pitch. But buying online often gets you either crappy products or crappy care, most likely both.

NoBull Hearing gives you the cost benefits of buying online, with the personal care of your local, licensed hearing specialist.

Skip the pitch: Save more, but still get personal, local care with

How it Works: Online Savings, Local Care.

1.     Order Here.

  • Choose your hearing aids: Model and Color
  • Hit the “Buy” button -- and we enter your order with the manufacturer.

2.     Pick up at a clinic near you.

  • The manufacturer sends your customized hearing aids directly to one of our network clinics near you. This generally takes about 3-5 business days. Then another few days for your clinic to schedule your delivery appointment.
  • Your local, licensed hearing-care provider will test your hearing to properly program and fit your hearing aids, set up any remote-control apps or Bluetooth streaming on your smart phone, answer your questions, and walk you through everything about your new hearing aids.

3.     Local service, 45-day free trial, warranty and insurance are all included.

  • Your local professional will be your service provider moving forward. You get 3-5 free service visits (depending on the model your purchased). Then additional visits as needed (charges may apply).
  • If you don’t like what you got, exchange or return your order within 45 days and you get all your money back.
  • If you need more visits after your free period, you pay them a small fee ($75-$99) for their service.
  • If you drop your hearing aids and something pops loose, or if any other repair is needed, you don’t have to pay for the repair. Your local clinic can perform many repairs, but some require sending them in to the maker. This warranty is 2-4 years, depending on the product. After the warranty ends, you’ll have to pay for any repairs (which usually runs between $100-$250).
  • If your dog eats your hearing aids, you run over them with your monster truck, or if you lose or otherwise totally destroy them, you can get them replaced for a deductible of about $400, depending on the model. That insurance also varies from 0-3 years, depending on model.

What’s the Difference?

What Makes a level of Hearing Aid Technology “Good,” “Better,” or “Best”?


Short Answer: The better you get, the better you’ll understand in noisy situations.

Why: The more adjustments we clinicians have to work with in the programming of hearing aids, the more accurately we can fine tune them, and the better we can get you hearing in a variety of situations. The fewer adjustment that the hearing aids’ software provides us, the less “flexibility” they’ll have to adjust in acoustically complicated situations, especially noisy environments.

More detail: Generally speaking, the technology level of a hearing aid is measured in the number of adjustment bands it has, as well as other adjustable features. An older or very basic-level hearing aid may have as few as just 2 bands, which may correspond to just treble and bass, for example; whereas a higher-end device might have 24 bands. (Our most basic NoBull hearing aids have 8 bands; our most advanced has 24.)

In addition to bands, the more advanced devices have a variety of features – Including everything from Speech in Noise (SPiN) Noise Reduction, Wind Noise Reduction and Soft Noise Reduction (for reducing noises like refrigerator motor hums or computer fans running), to Phoneme Focus versus Envelope Focus for automated artificial intelligence (AI) focus on certain parts of speech. Again, the more tools we professionals have to use, the more accurately we can tune your devices to meet the demands of your particular lifestyle.

The One You Need? The one that has the functions to enhance the most important parts of your lifestyle. If all you do is sit at home watching news all day, then you just need a basic pair of hearing aids that help amplify talking heads on TV. Now, if you want true listening fidelity for action movies with lots of explosions in the background while characters are talking, that requires more focusing capability on the part of the hearing aids. More to the point, if you work full time and frequently attend busy meetings with multiple people; or really want to be able to enjoy conversations in a noisy church fellowship hall, you will definitely prefer the noise-reduction capabilities of our best devices.

Again, it really comes down to your lifestyle. And remember that you get what you pay for. And with us, no BS.

NOBull: How it works


Buy when you’re ready, 24/7, with our expert help.

We’ll guide you, not push you. No shady pitch here.



We offer the same FDA-approved, prescriptive hearing aids you’ll find at in-person hearing clinics, but for about half the price! So you can shop confidently, knowing you’re getting a helluva deal.



Every NOBULL purchase includes clinical testing, customized fittings, initial follow-up adjustments and counseling at a state-licensed clinic near you.

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