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NoBull FAQ

What qualifications does the No Bull network service provider-clinics have?

Every single person who fits NoBull hearing aids is a professional who’s licensed in their state(s), and in good standing with their licensing boards, to evaluate hearing and fit prescriptive hearing aids. Our professionals include audiologists, licensed hearing-instrument specialists, ENTs and other licensed professionals.

How can clinics get signed up with you?

Contact us at We’re currently only serving Texas and Louisiana, but we’ll be expanding our program nationwide soon, so we are taking applications.

Are your prices per pair, or per ear?

Per pair. Like glasses, almost everyone with a hearing loss needs a pair of hearing aids. We think it’s gimmicky to only list individual prices. We’re up front and want you to know right away what you’ll be spending.

What hearing aid brands do you sell?

For our prescription hearing aids, we sell Sonic only, for now. We’ve been working with this company for nearly 25 years, and we’ve found they offer some of the best products at the best prices, with consistent quality. We also like that they don’t spend as much money on marketing hype as some other brands, and instead reinvest that money into things like R&D.

For our non-prescriptive, direct-to-consumer devices, we’re partnered with MD Hearing. And for our hearables, we partner with Nuheara and Olive. These folks are leading the way in quality hearables products that blur the line between hearing aids and consumer electronics.

Do you sell super-power hearing aids?

Nope. Those often require more-detailed fitting practices, like custom earmold and other processes that can only be done in-clinic before purchase. Also, people with high-power needs sometimes have other issues with their ears, so to make sure you get the best care for these special cases, we want to make sure those patients get everything checked out in person before purchasing.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! Directly through our payment processing service, XXXXX [to come]. At checkout, simply click the button that says, “Financing Options.”

Do you take insurance?

Not yet. But we do offer financing! Insurance gets complicated, and as you can imagine, it takes a lot of paperwork to get all signed up with insurance agencies. So, we are working on it, but not available yet. In some cases you can submit a receipt to your insurance for reimbursement.

Do you have a money-back trial period?

Absolutely: Your purchase is 100% refundable within a 45-day trial period, which starts when you get your hearing aids (not when you pay). If you don’t like what you got, return it to your local NoBull Hearing-network clinic, and we’ll refund your money within 30 days. Or, if you just want to try a different model (upgrade or downgrade) you can do that too, and we’ll simply refund or charge you the difference, and you’ll get a new trial period.

How do I know the hearing aids I buy from will work for my exact hearing loss?

The same way you know custom-tailored clothes will fit you.Your purchase does not only include FDA-approved prescriptive hearing aids.It also includes all prescriptive testing, fitting, delivery, consultations,and follow-up services by licensed hearing-health professionals. This includes(A) free consultation with our licensed staff and/or preliminary screening byus -- according to regulated fitting range standards, and based either on youronline hearing screening results or your previous hearing test results fromyour local professional, or both); and (B) multiple free visitswith your local NoBullHearing-network clinic -- which includes final in-personhearing testing, programming and fitting your hearing aids to your ears fordelivery, as well as adjustments, and follow-up visits.

This does not apply if you purchase any of thedirect-to-consumer devices we recommend on our site. We don’t sell those. We justrefer you to those other companies’ site, where you purchase directly fromthem, and has nothing to do with that purchase other thanreferring you to them.

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