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NoBull Hearing Purchase Agreement

We don't have fine print. But we do want to protect your interests, our network clinics' interests, and ours.

So we've spelled out some important things below to make sure we're all clear on our agreement here.

By checking the "I Agree" box on our checkout page, you're agreeing to the following terms:


NoBull Hearing, LLC has advised me that the FDA has determined that it’s in my best interest to have a medical evaluation of my ears (preferably by a physician who specializes in diseases of the ear) before purchasing hearing aids. By clicking the box on the checkout page, I am stating the following: "I do not wish to have, and/or I already have had, a medical evaluation before purchasing hearing aids. Any preceding testing by was for informational purposes only to help select a range of appropriate devices, and was not any official diagnosis." Also, FDA language can be kinda boring, and they make NoBull say all this, but I understand the importance of this waiver.



  • PURCHASE VERSUS FITTING: I understand that I’m purchasing hearing aids directly from (a really cool company) but those hearing aids will be customized for me by my local, licensed hearing specialist — either a licensed hearing-instrument dispenser, an audiologist, ENT, or other professional licensed to fit and dispense hearing aids — who will conduct a full hearing evaluation in order to properly fit and service my hearing aids. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I understand that my local professional will be the one providing me any services related to my hearing aids and my hearing health, and NOT NoBull Hearing, LLC.
  • TRIAL PERIOD: I understand that, after I have paid for these devices, I have a 45-day trial period that begins on the day they are delivered to me and fitted by my local professional. My trial only begins after I receive the products, NOT when I pay. And during my trial period, although not likely, if I hate the things, I can return these products for a full refund, as long as I return them before the 45th day (or nearest business day) after I accept delivery, but I must return them to my local provider, NOT directly to NoBull Hearing. My local provider will be the one responsible for documenting my return and informing NoBull Hearing. And NoBull Hearing will then return my money within 30 days after being notified of my return.
  • RETURNS OR EXCHANGES: I understand that, during my trial period, I can either return my hearing aids for a full refund OR exchange my hearing aids for different models, either upgrade or downgrade. For exchanges, I will either be charged the difference (if upgrade) or be refunded the difference (if downgrade) between the model I originally purchased and the model I want to exchange it for.
  • CANCELLATIONS: I understand that, if I get buyer’s remorse or similar, I have the right to totally cancel my purchase at any time between paying for the product and delivery, and I will receive a full refund. Cancellation requests must be made BEFORE DELIVERY. After accepting delivery, my trial period begins.
  • WARRANTY AND LOSS COVERAGE: I also have been informed by NoBull Hearing about the warranty on my product and any loss coverage policies; and I understand that my local service provider and the manufacturer of my devices are the ones who will be managing any and all services related to warranties or loss replacement, and NOT NoBull Hearing, LLC.
  • MY LOCAL PROVIDER VERSUS NOBULL HEARING: I will hold NoBull Hearing, LLC harmless for anything related to any of the services provided by my local provider, or any problem related to my hearing health or hearing aids, unless it is directly related to the payment and initial delivery of my product (except any delivery problems that are the fault of my local provider or other parties besides NoBull Hearing, LLC).
  • CLINIC VISITS, FREE AND PAID: The NoBull Hearing policy on clinic visits is that, during the first year after delivery of my hearing aids, included with my purchase, I get three (3) to five (5) free visits to the local NoBull-network clinic that I choose to deliver my devices, depending on the model purchased, as detailed in the product "Service Benefits" descriptions. Of those three to five, one (1) of those visits will be reserved specifically for testing my hearing, fitting and delivery of my hearing aids; and the others will be reserved for followup consultations, and additional service visits. I can use those at any time during that first year by scheduling directly with my local clinic.
  • AFTER THE FIRST 3 TO 5 FREE VISITS, THE CLINIC MAY CHARGE ME UP TO $99 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL VISIT, because they deserve to get paid for their highly skilled service.
  • IF I CHOOSE TO SWITCH TO A DIFFERENT NOBULL-NETWORK CLINIC for service during my trial period, I may do so ONCE, and only during my trial period, and will notify NoBull Hearing of my wish to change clinics. If done within my trial period, there will be no charges involved. If I switch AFTER my trial period, within the first year, other than the one that delivered my devices, that newly selected clinic has the right to charge me UP TO $75 FOR MY VISIT, EVEN IF I HAVE NOT YET USED UP ALL MY FREE VISITS. This is because the original clinic I choose to deliver my hearing aids is the one that gets paid by NoBull for providing me service, and any other clinic does not, and they also deserve to get paid for their services. But I do get a huge discount by working with NoBull network providers.
  • CUSTOM OPTIONS: If my local provider determines that I require — or if I want — any special custom options to be added to my hearing aids (such as wild and whacky unique-colored custom ear pieces or high-power custom-molded receivers), which require that custom ear-impressions be made, the clinic may charge me up to $150 per ear. Because those materials and skills aren’t cheap for the clinic. But I realize that this is not usually required for most clients, except for really cool people who want trippy color combinations or something, or who need additional power.
  • SEVERABILITY: I understand and accept that, if for some reason, any part of this contract, bill of sale, or terms becomes invalid or unenforceable, all the other parts of this agreement will remain valid.
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