About NoBull Hearing

NoBull Hearing provides hearing aids at the best prices. No BS.

We’ve sold thousands of hearing aids in hundreds of clinics in multiple states.









You might not like us. If you want clinical-sounding salesy stuff, you may prefer somewhere else. But if you want straight talk, no-gimmick pricing, and professional local service for your hearing health, read on.

When it comes to the hearing industry, we think the status quo is lame. We grew up in this industry. Literally. Our families have been doing this for generations. We’re Board-Certified, Licensed in Hearing Instrument Sciences (BC-HIS).

We’ve trained many others in getting their licenses. We’ve been the ones overseeing licensing examinations. We even made our own hearing aids for a couple decades. Some of us also have hearing loss, and we personally wear the hearing aids we sell....

The Facts

Hearing Device Usage

48 Mil.

Americans diagnosed with hearing loss.


Americans aged 70+ use hearing aids.

1 out of 5

Americans who need it use it.

We’ve seen lots of change in our industry. These days, there’s a bunch of crap out there, and we’re tired of it. Either junk devices for dirt cheap, or high-end ones for too much.

With NoBull Hearing, you can skip the sales pitch and get the right stuff at the right price, with local, professional follow-up care. We offer quality hearing aids, fitting guidance and local, face-to-face service included.

And, unlike others, we provide both high-end premium (prescription) hearing aids and budget-friendly, over-the-counter (direct-to-consumer) devices. Others only sell either-or. We also offer "hearables" – the latest in hearing-focused wearable consumer tech.

You won’t find this combination of products, price and in-person service anywhere else. This is how we help you get beyond the BS. And for that, you won’t only like us, you might just love us.

Our Mission

NoBull Hearing provides better hearing, at better prices, with local, licensed service. And no B.S.

Our Promise

45-Day, Risk-Free Trial. Ain't happy? Get your money back. No questions asked.

Hearing Aids (and Hearables) for Every Budget

From premium prescriptive hearing aids, to OTC/Direct-to-Consumer devices, and even "Hearables." From $400 to $4,000. We just want to help you, whatever your budget.

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Our receptionists are available 24/7

What to expect when calling us.

Our licensed specialists are available M-F, 8 am to 5 pm (except holidays).

  1. You'll talk to a real person, not a robot. You'll first reach one of our receptionists, who can help you place an order, answer basic questions about our process, things like that.
  2. You will NOT talk to just some random "sales rep." If you need help selecting the right product, or just need some specific questions answered by an expert, our receptionist will arrange a free consultation with one of our fully licensed hearing instruments specialists. Since they are actively working in clinical practice, they're often with other clients, but will generally call you back within just a couple hours. ALL of our specialists are licensed, in good standing with our licensing boards, and have a minimum of 5 years of active clinical experience helping hundreds of clients just like you.